Online Running Analysis

Online running video analysis

No matter where you live, you can run pain free, increase your efficiency and run with ease resulting in an improved performance with Pure Running’s online video analysis.


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What do we need?


  • A detailed brief of your running/exercise and injury history. Including any past or present aches and pains.

  • Submit a 30 – 60 second video of you running.

  • This can be outside or on a treadmill

  • It needs to include a shot from the front, back and side. Wear tight fitting clothing or tuck your t shirt in to allow full view on your pelvis and hips.

  • We will  analyse your running Biomechanics using the latest analysis software including slow-motion clips to annotate   any weak links with your form which might be hindering your performance or resulting in injury.

  • We will then send you an individual program of drills, mobility and strength exercises to correct these weak links and how to integrate them into your training.


For more details contact us on or 07976300059